What is the Average Cost of a Front Porch Addition?

What is the Average Cost of a Front Porch Addition - All Pro Thornton Deck Builders Thornton CO

A lot of things can spring from adding a front porch, including the aesthetics and the entire value of your property. Yet, when planning it, many things need to be considered, like the amount of money you will spend. Likewise, it is by thinking about all the factors that go into it that you’ll be […]

The Pros and Cons of Floating Decks

The Pros and Cons of Floating Decks - Thornton Deck Builders

An attached deck is such an amazing feature to have at home. We’ve all seen the standard deck out back, offering peace and quiet whenever homeowners like. However, did it ever cross your mind to consider a floating deck? It sounds new but really, there is a kind deck like this and below are some […]

How to Maintain Your Pool Deck

Maintaining your Pool Decks Services - Thornton Deck Builders, CO

No backyard oasis is complete without a wood deck to make you feel at home and serve as a place to build memories. Yet, when you start seeing cracks and stains on the corners, don’t let the thought of having to replace it get you down. Pool deck maintenance is a great option to restore […]

How to Enhance Your Deck with a Pergola

How to Enhance Your Deck with a Pergola - Thornton Deck Builders CO

Adding a pergola to your deck is practical and helps create a more beautiful and inviting atmosphere. A pergola is a structure built over a garden, patio, or walkway. It can be used as part of the landscape design in your backyard deck, or it can stand alone as a focal point in your yard […]

The Pros and Cons of Decks versus Porches

Patios and Hardscapes - Thornton Deck Builders

The living room is not the ideal area to entertain guests or have a tete-a-tete with family members. Intimate events and parties are best done on the house’s porch or deck. Although both areas are additions that increase the room for fun and lifestyle some differences must be considered in installing one. Aside from their […]

How to Have a Great Deck and Still Have Privacy

Wooden Decks - Deck Builders Thornton CO

Don’t you love the idea of waking up in the morning with an outdoor space where you can sit, relax, sip your coffee, and delight in the view of nature around you! It’s not just because you own the place but because you know you have your privacy while doing so.  Deckbuilding is not an […]

Wood VS. Composite Decking

wood and composite deck

Over the last decade or so, many homeowners have been waging one question – which is better, wood or composite decking? While both have their advantages and disadvantages including lifespan, maintenance, and durability, most votes seem to go to composite decking. However, there are still many homeowners that advocate for wood, keeping the debate between […]

How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Deck?

Deck repair

A deck repair is a worthwhile investment. It can be done for the purpose of restoring your outdoor space or for aesthetic reasons. Most deck repairs can cost between $250 and $2599. Some home improvement guides recommend budgeting between $750 and $ 3000. Because some homeowners are skilled carpenters, the average do-it-yourself repair costs between […]

Five Important Questions To Ask Yourself Before Building A Deck

Thorton Deck Builder - Five Important Questions To Ask Yourself Before Building A Deck

Nothing says summer in Thornton like enjoying it out on your deck. A deck is a great space that your family and friends can enjoy.  Whether you are planning to build a small deck, or an outdoor space big enough to cater a huge family gathering, asking yourself these questions below will give you even […]