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Louisville is a retro suburban front-range city of around 22,000 residents. It lies 10 miles southeast of Boulder and 22 miles north of Denver. Louisville is a fantastic little Boulder County community with a lovely historic district lined with quaint shops and restaurants. 

The town is known for the Mountain High Appliance’s jingle:

“Mountain High Appliance in Louisville, Louisville, Louisville…” If that doesn’t ring a bell, perhaps you’ve tried the famous and delicious Sweet Cow ice cream, which can be found in downtown Louisville.

Louisville has the reputation of repeatedly being named one of the top 100 places to live in the country. It’s marked by prominent attractions and activities that appeal to a wide range of ages and interests. Louisville used to be a mining town, but when the mines closed in the mid-20th century, Louisville became quieter and more residential.

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Downtown carriage rides are a must-do when visiting Louisville. Despite not being overly popular in our modern world today, carriage rides can still be functional and fun when visiting the town. The elegant carriages are drawn by magnificent Clydesdale horses donated by a nearby ranch and the town’s business organization. For those who’ve never encountered a carriage ride through a historic town, it’s a beautiful experience. Previous visitors have stated that the horses were healthy, beautiful, and surprisingly friendly. The rides leave from the local skating rink then head to the downtown area.

Besides free carriage rides, tourists and locals may enjoy Lulu’s Barbeque when visiting Louisville. Colorado has always been big on grilled food due to its abundance of cattle ranches and outdoorsy residents. Lulu’s Barbecue is located on Central Street and offers a wide assortment of meat and sauce choices to invite even the pickiest taste buds. Pulled pork, ribs, and seared ends are among the locals’ favorites, and they serve excellent sides like fries, coleslaw, beans, and fried okra. Their sampler platters are ideal for people who want to taste a variety of foods. Due to their popularity, Lulu’s is usually busy, so consider dining earlier.

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Winter Skate Thornton Deck Builder Louisville CO

Most of the cities in Colorado are a winter wonderland that deliver outdoor recreation lovers various exhilarating choices for winter activities. Winter Skate is an annual Louisville event going strong for more than ten years, and it’s available from Thanksgiving until the end of February. The facility is located on Front Street in the Steinbaugh Pavilion. Expect a variety of culinary options, heated space for ice skaters, and approximately 7,000 square feet of ice in Winter Skate.

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