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When you want to relax, you often want to do it outside to enjoy the fresh air. It is truly wonderful to be connected to nature and to have a view of your neighborhood. So why not experience this on your porch?

Porch installation and design are different when it comes to building. Unlike deck construction, porches are more complex, complicated, and labor-intensive. A porch can also come with a roof since it juts out from the front or back of your home.

Porch Repair and Restoration

Are you looking for a porch contractor that specializes in porch repair and restoration services? We are here for you. Our team of porch installers can take a look at yours and the areas that need repair or restoration. We will check for loose or rotten boards, cracks in the concrete, and any other damage. From there, we can plan the scope of the work, timeline, and budget to repair or replace your porch.

At All Pro Thornton Deck Builders, we make sure your porch repair and restoration project is completed successfully. We have a good track record of completing similar projects. If you are looking for a reputable porch contractor near you to repair and restore your porch, contact us at 720-740-1930. We are excited to work you!

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Front Porch or Back Porch

Front porches give a gracious welcome to your house. Likewise, it is your abode’s sweet outdoor spot where you unwind and get cozy during lazy afternoons. The same can be said for back porches, which may also offer more privacy.

Before we begin construction, we first assess your property’s location, foundation and architecture, plan the railings and steps, and choose construction materials. Only after these steps can we move to build the actual porch. Then we frame it, install the joints, add the railing posts and floor, build railings, frame the steps, and construct the roof. We will top it all off with appropriate finishing.

Screened-in Porch

So, you are thinking about installing a screened-in porch. That sounds like the perfect addition for your home! If you already have an existing covered porch space on your property and want to make it more accessible year-round, then screening in this area is a great solution.

Before you get started with this project, consider what type of design would work best for your needs and budget. We can help guide you through some different options, so no matter what style or size screen room you’re considering, we will be able to provide expert advice and assistance throughout every step of the process – from planning out where to build it down to picking out which new furniture pieces will look great.

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Wrap-around Porch

If you are looking for a house plan that will offer the perfect blend of curb appeal and outdoor living, it may be time to consider a wrap-around porch. Whether your goal is to host family gatherings or simply enjoy comfort in the outdoors year-round, this porch style can provide all of that and more.

With generous amounts of space on both sides of the home, these porches are ideal for hosting large crowds while still providing plenty of room inside for guests who need some extra warmth during those chilly winter months. Wrap-around porch houses have one significant advantage over other designs – they stay warm!

Farmers Porch

A farmer’s porch is a charming and practical addition to a home, providing a shaded area for sitting or relaxing, and to serve as a transitional space between the indoors and outdoors. However, building a farmer’s porch is a significant project that requires careful planning and execution. You will need to hire a professional porch builder for the job.

At All Pro Thornton Deck Builder can build you one. With the help of our porch installers, we can start by designing the porch, taking into consideration the size, shape, and style of the porch that will complement your home. We will make sure to communicate with you and ensure that your farmer’s porch is safe and the one you envision.

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