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The city of Wheat Ridge is one of the closest cities to Denver and is a Home Rule Municipality located in Jefferson County. Wheat Ridge is located about 5 miles northwest of Colorado Springs. The population of 31,331 people, as of 2019, and has a total area of 9.55 square miles, of which less than 3% is water. The downtown Wheat Ridge area is well-known for Ridge at 38, a place where people can eat, play, shop, and live. During the 1850s Gold Rush, it became well-known as a rest stop, and it was eventually incorporated in 1969. 

Wheat Ridge has a number of small lakes and reservoirs, including Crown Hill Lake, Krestel Pond, and North Henry Lee Reservoir, all of which are located in the south-central part of the city. West Lake, Tabor Lake, and Prospect Lake can be found along Clear Creek in the city’s western outskirts. The city has several shopping malls and over 20 parks. Wheat Ridge Skate Park occupies over 14,000 square feet in Discovery Park which provides difficult courses for skaters. The Wheat Ridge Recreation Center has excellent facilities and has received numerous positive online reviews. People also enjoy the scenic view of Sloan’s Lake Park, which is frequently visited by families and friends who want to go biking or walking.

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If you are looking for a professional deck builder in Wheat Ridge, CO, All Pro Thornton Deck Builders is the company to call! We specialize in building and repairing house decks and porches in an unrivaled and first-rate fashion. We use only the best materials and employ the best exterior solutions for our clients.

Our company charges reasonable fees for our services and ensures that each project entrusted to us is completed within the time frame specified. Our skilled deck builders here at All Pro Thornton Deck Builders will provide you with a one-of-a-kind and enjoyable experience as they remodel your broken decks. Deck design and installation, deck repair and restoration, porch design and installation, pool decks, patios and hardscapes, and shade structures and pergolas are among the services we provide.

Our team of experts will show you numerous ways to create a deck you’ll enjoy for years to come. We have extensive experience, build faster, value professionalism, and offer affordable project fees. We have professional designers who understand the importance of bringing quality into your home. They can work with your preferences and concerns to make your outdoor experience even more extraordinary.

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