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At All Pro Thornton Deck Builders, we offer professional deck building services to help homeowners upgrade their outdoor living areas. We design and construct decks, porches, patios, pergolas, and other outdoor home additions. Our deck building services can vary widely depending on your specific needs and preferences. Check out our services below and reach out to us. We’ll start upgrading your outdoor spaces and help you stand out in your northern Colorado neighborhood

Deck Building Services

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A deck is a great way to get outside, enjoy time with your family and friends, or just relax in the shade. If you need help picking out deck materials for your project, we’ve got some pointers that will make sure you have everything you need. We will help you build an amazing deck. Whether it is new deck construction or deck replacement, we can assist from start to finish. Let us know what kind of questions you might have about designing or installing a custom deck! Our team is ready to answer your questions and start your deck building project.

Deck building services
Porch restoration services

You might not think about the front porch as much as other outdoor spaces, but it’s really no different than any other part of your house. It deserves attention and care too! We are proud to be able to offer porch design and installation services for your home.

Let’s add some personality to it! If you are looking for a new porch or just want porch repair, we can help. Contact our team today if you want us to take care of this project for you. Let us create the perfect outdoor space for your family and friends!

You have a wide variety of decking services to choose from to help you create the perfect deck for your home. Whether you need to replace, expand or repair an old existing deck, we have your back! If this sounds like more than you can handle on your own, give us a call. We offer professional guidance with deck repair and restoring your dream outdoor living space to its former glory. Our team is ready to take on any size project – big or small.

Deck restoration services
Patio installation services

There are many benefits to including a patio in your landscaping plan. If you are a serious gardener or just looking for a patio contractor to create some additional outdoor living space, we can help. We can also provide design ideas for your patio to complement your hardscape. Let us make your outdoor space look amazing! Whether it’s paving stones, retaining walls, natural stone, or installation materials for ground covers or fire pits – we can accent any landscape design. Contact our team today and get an expert opinion on how to achieve your vision with a customized plan tailored just for you.

One of our most requested builds are pool decks. The pool decking is the final touch on your backyard oasis, so it should be carefully considered. It’s important to think about how you and your guests want to feel upon seeing your pool deck. We are experts when it comes to designing beautiful custom pool decks with premium materials. We will help you choose the best and most appropriate materials and designs that fit your needs. If you have an existing one, we help you maintain or repair your pool deck. Give us a call today so we can talk more about our pool decking services!

Above ground pool deck installation
Outdoor shade installation

Having an outdoor space is a wonderful way to create memories with family and friends. However, not everyone wants the sun’s harmful rays on their skin. Not many people enjoy lying without cover in the heat of summer either. So, designing your outdoor area so that it includes at least one source of shade can help you enjoy all the benefits without compromising your comfort level. If you would like to install a pergola or shade structure for your home, don’t hesitate to reach out! We’d be happy to come by and take a look at what you have in mind before we start designing.

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