Shade Structures and Pergolas

Whether you have got a large deck or just an outdoor living space, it can get hot and sunny out there. This is especially true in the summertime when people spend more time outdoors to escape from their houses. 

And if your patio furniture feels like it is melting into the ground because of all that heat, we have some shade solutions for you. Keep reading to learn about different types of shading options, so you can keep cool this summer while still being able to enjoy your own backyard oasis.


Pergolas are a perfect way to add shade and class to your patio or deck. They have wood beams and lattice set on precast, classical-style columns that create dappled shade with overhead latticework. 

To give yourself even more options for shading the space, grow vines on the lattice or cover it with fabric panels. Whatever you choose will be perfect for relaxing in this backyard escape.

Shade Structures and Pergolas Thornton Deck Builders

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Canopy Patio Awning

There are many different shade awnings, but the most popular is probably the canopy patio awning. These permanently installed structures can be used for shading, rain protection, or decoration. 

The patio shade cloth is a great way to enjoy the outdoors in comfort and safety. Whether you want full or partial shading, you can trust it. Its fabric is resistant to tears and does not sag. Also, the structures can withstand rain, hail, and strong winds- although we recommend removing the shade cloth if a snowstorm is imminent. 

Finally, since there are no moving parts that could jam or break with this permanent structure, it is much more reliable than retractable umbrellas.

Install a Retractable Awning

Retractable awnings are one of the most popular patio shade ideas for those who have an outdoor living space. They consist of a metal framework covered with fabric that can be retracted or extended as needed. They also provide protection from UV rays while still allowing airflow to keep your home cooler in the summertime. 

If you are considering installing retractable shades on your own property, we recommend consulting with professional patio builders before making any decisions. That way, you know exactly what it takes to have them installed correctly. 

There is some installation expertise required when putting up these particular shades – which means if you try do-it-yourself options without professional help, then you could end up doing more harm than good. 

Retractable Canopy Thornton Deck Builders

Retractable Canopy

A retractable canopy is a large, fabric-covered structure built over the deck and mounted to the house. They are particularly useful in sunny climates where they can provide shade all day long without blocking your view of the outdoors or reducing airflow through windows. 

The best time to choose these systems is when you are planning a new deck. This way, you will already have support posts installed for mounting purposes.

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