How to Enhance Your Deck with a Pergola

How to Enhance Your Deck with a Pergola - Thornton Deck Builders CO

Adding a pergola to your deck is practical and helps create a more beautiful and inviting atmosphere. A pergola is a structure built over a garden, patio, or walkway. It can be used as part of the landscape design in your backyard deck, or it can stand alone as a focal point in your yard or garden.

The primary purpose of a pergola is to provide shade and protection from rain, snow, and wind. They can be made of wood or metal, but wood is the most common. They are typically constructed with a series of posts connected by beams or rafters to form an open-sided roof. Some pergolas also feature an arched shape, and others have a flat roof.

Deck Ideas with a Pergola

Why build a pergola? A pergola can be a versatile, low-maintenance, and elegant outdoor living area. You can take advantage of the many pergola benefits through the following ideas:

● A place to enjoy your morning coffee or a glass of wine in the evening

A pergola provides shade from the sun, allowing you to sip your coffee in the morning or entertain friends and family in the evening.

You can also add a few decorations to make it feel like you are dining al fresco at your favorite restaurant.

● A space for entertaining guests

Pergolas are an excellent way for you to entertain your guests in style. There are many different pergolas that you can use to entertain guests. One type of pergola is the trellis. This type of structure will typically have vines growing up the side and will offer shade to those near it when they want to sit down and relax.

● A private retreat

There are many ways to decorate your private garden retreat, depending on what you want to create. You just need to be creative and use your imagination. You can follow the following as a guide:

a) Choose a color scheme that you like

b) Pick up some cushions, pillows, and blankets

c) Hang some fairy or bistro lights

d) Add some plants and greenery for decoration

e) Place furniture in the space

f) Add some books, painting materials, or any hobby you have

g) Add a hammock or a swing

● An outdoor living room

Pergolas can be combined with outdoor furniture or plants for decoration. Some people choose to make it look like an outside room with a table, chairs, and some comfortable seating. Others prefer to keep it simple, with plants and flowers all around the perimeter of the pergola.

● A secret garden

A secret garden is a perfect theme for a pergola.

The first thing you need to do is create some privacy around your pergola to enjoy the view without being bothered by passersby. You could plant hedges or build a fence around your patio area. Then, you can add pots with plants or flowers in them.

You can also create a secret garden on your pergola by planting the ivy, climbing roses, and other plants covering the pergola and providing privacy while enjoying its beauty.

A pergola can beautify your deck and transform it into something more than just a place to hang out and create an extension of your home. Also, the right pergola design can increase the square footage of your deck, add a sense of grandeur, and enhance its overall look.

Pergolas and More with Thornton Deck Builders

Thornton Deck Builders specializes in pergolas, deck design and installation, patios, and shade structures. With our help, you can explore different options for enhancing your deck with a pergola. Contact us at 720-740-1930, and we will help you make the right decision for your next deck design project.

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