How to Maintain Your Pool Deck

Maintaining your Pool Decks Services - Thornton Deck Builders, CO

Pool Deck Maintenance Services - Thornton Deck Builders, CO

No backyard oasis is complete without a wood deck to make you feel at home and serve as a place to build memories. Yet, when you start seeing cracks and stains on the corners, don’t let the thought of having to replace it get you down. Pool deck maintenance is a great option to restore life back into your deck.

Why Proper Maintenance Matters

Pool Deck Proper Maintenance - Thornton Deck Builders, CO

Proper maintenance is something that anything solid requires, including your pool deck, if you plan to keep using it for decades. It’s more than just cleaning. Quality maintenance is more of a deep cleaning because you’ll have to check every part of your pool deck to ensure no underlying issues or damages will be left untreated.

With proper maintenance, you can ensure your family’s safety when they’re enjoying the pool. If parts in your wood deck must be repaired or replaced, it will be easier to tell because the process involves a thorough examination of your pool deck.

Not only that, if you’re able to keep a clean, stunningly beautiful pool deck, you’re also able to maintain the aesthetic appeal of your entire property. It’s a luxury to have a swimming pool right in your own backyard, isn’t it? Don’t let that luxury disappear. Perform the necessary pool deck maintenance regularly.

Tips in Maintaining Your Pool Deck

#1 – Watch out for any sign of damage.

Pool Deck with Sign of Damage - Thornton Deck Builders, CO

Wood is the perfect material to use for your dream natural look. However, this may come with a price that’s more than you expect because it is vulnerable also to nature’s unpredictable weather. It is continuously getting wet and drying out, which can lead to damage. Keep everyone who steps on it always safe by monitoring any cracks or issues there are in your pool deck to have it repaired immediately.

#2 – Clear the space.

Clear The Space of Your Pool Decks - Thornton Deck Builders, CO

Unnecessary items like toys, shoes, and other items should not be left in the pool deck as part of keeping it clean. After a pool party, removing the trash will also keep away insects and other pests like rodents from being attracted to your deck.

#3 – Remove dirt, discoloration, and stains.

Remove Dirt Discoloration and Stains - Thornton Deck Builders, CO

Wood pool decks have dirt in between which needs to be removed to avoid rotting deck. This is possible through power washing or a garden hose. There must be just the right amount of water pressure to ensure that all dirt would go away. If you do not have any of those tools, you can simply wipe the dirt by hand. To help you do this easily, use of potent deck cleaning products will come in handy such as acid or bleach-based products.

#4 – Stain your deck.

Stain Your Deck - Thornton Deck Builders, CO

Staining will definitely bring out the beauty of your wood deck. Apply a stain-block primer to be certain that the paint will stay, and after that, you can paint them with any color you desire. The paint you must use has to be that which soaks in wood and not just on the surface. Older decks require darker stains to cover up the other unappealing parts of the wood deck. Such stain will work for waterproofing and UV protection for the deck.

#5 – Sealing your deck.

Deck Sealing Services - Thornton Deck Builders, CO

Now your wood deck’s finish is ready for the sealant to be applied. However, the challenge is letting the wood dry completely, which takes a few days, before you can apply the sealant. This paint can be applied either by spraying or brushing, which may be safer in case you have plants around that might be contaminated by it.

Who Do You Call for Expert Pool Deck Maintenance?

Expert Pool Deck Builders - Thornton Deck Builders, CO

Save yourself from the hassle of doing all these steps alone. In Thornton, Colorado, there is no better group to rely on for proper pool deck maintenance that lasts than Thornton Deck Builders. They’re simply the best when it comes to repairing and cleaning all the important parts of a pool deck to keep it in its perfect shape for years.

A wood deck can be vulnerable to a lot of things, especially if exposed to the elements outside, such as rain and snow. Yet, with the right hands of professional deck builders, even the oldest wood decks in town can survive for many more years. We’ve got the tools, equipment, and skills to get this job done safely and without delays. Repairing pool decks can be tough if you do it yourself. Let our experts assist you in eliminating those cracks and spots.

Don’t let your most precious investment rot just like that. Thornton Deck Builders’ professional deck building touch will keep your wood pool deck in good condition at all times. Give us a call at 720-740-1930, so we can preserve your outdoor oasis.

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