Uncovering the Cause of Rotting Deck Boards: A Complete Guide

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Uncovering the Cause of Rotting Deck Boards

Owning a deck comes with the responsibility of taking care of an investment that’s meant to last. If not taken care of, you will have wasted your money and your perfect outdoor space will be dull and boring, or worse yet, need to be removed or replaced. Decks make your backyard more attractive and useful. But, the rotting of deck boards can ruin that over time if not addressed immediately.

Top 5 Reasons for Deck Board Rot

Depending on what kind and style of deck you have, the elements outside contribute a lot to its durability and lifespan.

1. Moisture

Moisture - All Pro Thornton Deck Builders

This is the main and most common cause of rotten deck boards. If there’s a leak in your roof’s gutters, overwatered plants, or close contact between your deck and the ground, deck rotting due to moisture is most likely to occur.

2. Brown Rot

You’ll easily notice brown rot through black wood that has been shattered into cubic shards across the grain. It can be really frightening when the boards come apart when touched. It’s the kind of rot that’s brought about by a fungus that creates enzymes to break down any wood’s carbohydrate structure.

Brown Rot - All Pro Thornton Deck Builders

3. Black Mildew

Black Mildew - All Pro Thornton Deck Builders

The black spots or patches in your wooden deck are a clear sign of black mildew caused by moisture. Most commonly, it appears in woods that were unstained or stained using a low quality stain that has no or little fungicide in it. You can try using weak bleach on the top surface to wash it off temporarily. For safer and more durability against rain for the long-term, undergoing a propriety deck repair and replacement is highly recommended, too.

4. Green Mold

Structural damage cannot occur with green molds alone, but it can be an indicator of a serious condition in your deck. Green molds are just algae or lichen that do not cause harm to wood but can mean that other deck rots may be able to grow in your wood in that area or in other parts in that condition.

Green Mold - All Pro Thornton Deck Builders

5. White Rot

White Rot - All Pro Thornton Deck Builders

Oftentimes, white rot is found underneath a deck because it’s are vulnerable to the sun’s rays. The structural quality of the wood becomes damaged due to the enzyme that the fungus produces. Over time, the deck joists will become weak and spongy because of the white rot, necessitating replacement to ensure safety.

6. Age of the deck

Similarly, decks deteriorate over time which you should be able to foresee. The older your deck is, the weaker it becomes and the more flaws it has.

Age of the deck - All Pro Thornton Deck Builders

Know How Much It Cost To Repair A Deck

How to Prevent Rotting

· Replace the rotten boards right away.

Once detected, rot should be eliminated as soon as possible by replacing your deck boards. The fungus that causes these rots eats away the wood, which decreases your deck’s safety. You may observe rot after the snow or a heavy rain because most of them are due to the moisture stuck between the boards.

Replace the rotten boards right away - All Pro Thornton Deck Builders

· Coat your deck properly.

Since moisture is the root of all the rot that occurs in wood decks, the most effective way to stop them is by coating your deck with a protective layer of a moisture-resistant seal. Deck stain is great at locking out moisture and preventing the growth of fungus while also improving its appearance despite being water-damaged or old.

Coat your deck properly - All Pro Thornton Deck Builders

· Choose waterproof materials for building a deck.

The type of material used for building a deck is always a big factor in its safety and vulnerability to rot. Traditionally, wood is the first choice for a deck. However, nowadays, there are other better options like composite decks and plastic decks that can serve you well for a long-lasting, waterproof, eco-friendly outdoor living space.

Choose waterproof materials for building a deck - All Pro Thornton Deck Builders

Thornton Deck Builders at Your Service

Thornton Deck Builders at Your Service - All Pro Thornton Deck Builders

Thornton Deck Builders can provide you with the highest quality deck building services. We are the most reputable professional deck contractors in the neighborhood. Living in Thornton, Colorado, for many years has given us an understanding of the climate, which helps us choose the correct type and design for decks. New homeowners have no need to worry because we’ll handle everything safely. We will be with you every step of the way!

Our techniques and solutions have proven to be beneficial for every project we accomplish. Our highly-trained professionals use only top-grade materials and spend time in the design of each deck, assuring its long-term beauty, safety, and durability. We also build porches, patios, pergolas, shaded buildings, hardscapes, and other outdoor projects. All of these services are provided by our professional deck builders with years of experience behind them. So, for services like deck design and installation, deck repair and restoration, porch design and installation, or any other related services, you can count on us!

Your budget should not be a problem because our services are affordable and our designs are long-lasting. Get in touch with us at 720-740-1930. We’re excited to get started in updating your deck!

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