What is the Average Cost of a Front Porch Addition?

What is the Average Cost of a Front Porch Addition - All Pro Thornton Deck Builders Thornton, CO
All Pro Thornton Deck Builders Thornton, CO - What is the Average Cost of a Front Porch Addition

A lot of things can spring from adding a front porch, including the aesthetics and the entire value of your property. Yet, when planning it, many things need to be considered, like the amount of money you will spend. Likewise, it is by thinking about all the factors that go into it that you’ll be able to decide if building your dream front porch is worth it. To start, let’s go over your front porch options.

Different Types of Porches and Their Cost

Covered Porch

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This kind of porch has a cover and rails around it for safety. This is the most basic of all the types, which can be as simple as you want. This usually costs $4,600 to $22,000.

Screened-In Porch

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In places where bugs, especially mosquitoes, are abundant, a screened-in porch may be wise. This is when your porch is enclosed with screens to prevent bugs and other insects from entering. The cost to enclose a porch with screens ranges from $2,000 to $2,400.


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Also known as a Florida room, this porch has an enclosure as well as floor-to-ceiling windows on all sides. A sunroom may be between $10,000 and $40,000 in price, depending on materials and features.

Concrete Porch

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Like a deck or a patio, concrete porches are built close to the ground for low-to-the-ground homes. Also, this kind of porch often comes with a roof but is open on all sides.

Sleeping Porch

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Many older American homes have a sleeping porch or an enclosed porch with lounges for sleeping. It can be on the ground floor, or on a higher level and was popular before installing air conditioning was affordable. With the cost of electricity these days, sleeping porches may be making a comeback.

Prefabricated Porch

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Most homes nowadays have this kind of porch which comes to the homeowners with preassembled sections such as the railings. You may choose to install it yourself or hire your trusted deck building contractor to do so for you. When you choose this type, you’ll spend $10,000 to $20,000.


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Just like what the name indicates, a wraparound porch is one that surrounds the house on all sides. The average cost of this is $9,350 to $39,900.

Factors to Consider

Type of Porch

– Based on the information presented above, the price of a porch varies depending on the type. This should be the first among all the things to prioritize in this project.


– The measurements and entire size of your porch will, of course, depend on the space available in front of your home. However, most traditional homes have porches that follow a standard size of 10×10 feet. This can change with no limit and may also depend on your preference.

Materials Used

– Different materials used for building a deck come with different values and costs for construction, which can greatly impact your project’s total price. After choosing a design for your porch, the materials will be next.

Porch Roof

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– This comes in several unique types that are of different designs and construction requirements as well. For your porch’s roof, you may choose from front-gabled, front shed, or hipped, which may affect the overall price of your project.

Average Cost of Adding a Porch

In order to compute the total expenses to be made with your soon-to-be-added front porch, here are the common items that you will need to include. This computation and breakdown are based on a 200-square-foot porch size.

Flooring – materials: $400-$8,400, installation: $800-$10,800

Steps – materials: $70-$1,500, installation: $300-$1,900

Roof – materials: $2,800-$4,400, installation: $3,200-$6,000

Posts – materials: $105-$2,300, installation: $175-$2,800

Permits – materials: $100-$500, installation: $100-$500

Expert Deck Builders at Your Service

All Pro Thornton Deck Builders - Expert Deck Builders at Your Service Thornton, CO

Creating a lovely and functional front porch is a skill that requires years of experience and knowledge in the use of specialized tools used as well as the different types to choose from that are suitable for what homeowners need. Thornton Deck Builders take pride in its team of expert deck builders who have helped many homeowners in the Thornton, Co area make their dream porch come true. Deck building services are what we do best!

We’ve got the best deals, the most affordable rates, and the most unbeatable skills in the business. Our expertise includes constructing, repairing, designing, and installing house decks and porches that last. In terms of safety and durability, nothing beats our work! Our deck builders take our job seriously, making us worthy of our license to perform this kind of work. Your satisfaction and safety are our motivation!

With Thornton Deck Builders, you’re in good hands because we are licensed, bonded, and registered by the local government of Colorado. In addition, our team undergoes extensive training to ensure that we deliver excellent service to our valued customers. If you need design, repair, installation, or

restoration services for your deck, porch, or patio and more, contact us at 239-558-1794. Let’s talk about your deck building needs today!

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