The Pros and Cons of Floating Decks

The Pros and Cons of Floating Decks - Thornton Deck Builders

An attached deck is such an amazing feature to have at home. We’ve all seen the standard deck out back, offering peace and quiet whenever homeowners like. However, did it ever cross your mind to consider a floating deck? It sounds new but really, there is a kind deck like this and below are some details on how it differs from a traditional attached deck that we’re familiar with.

Attached versus Floating Decks

Who doesn’t know about a permanent deck? It’s the deck that’s permanently attached to the ground in your backyard and is an extension of your living room or kitchen. An attached deck is what you typically see in many backyards, but it also has its disadvantages.

Floating Deck - Thornton Deck Builders

A floating deck, on the contrary, means just what its name implies. It is “floating” because it is only temporarily placed in one area in your backyard. If you are having a gathering or celebration at home, you may choose to put this deck anywhere you desire. However, a floating deck is not portable so you should keep this in mind if you’re considering one.

Pros and Cons of An Attached and Floating Deck

Everything has its good and bad traits, and floating, and attached decks are no exception. For that reason, consult the list below to give you an idea of what is best for you.

Attached Decks


· Makes a seamless connection from the interior of your home to the outdoors. Having the kitchen very close to this area makes a big difference in the value and appeal of your home.

· Keeping it pest-proof through a screen enclosing the area is much more possible with this kind of deck.

· Weeds can be avoided as well as any other damages caused by the outside elements like falling trees since it is built away from trees and elevated from the ground.

Attached Decks Pros - Thornton Deck Builders
Attached Decks Cons - Thornton Deck Builders


· It costs more than a floating deck. Building an attached deck involves hiring professionals and using high-grade tools and materials to ensure it is sturdy enough to remain safe for years.

· A building permit must be secured first and foremost before starting with the construction.

· Doing-it-yourself is not advised because it requires expert skills and specialized tools to ensure that your deck is safe and durable.

Floating Decks


· You get the chance to install it anytime and anywhere you like. It is very convenient and flexible.

· There is no limit to what shape or size you can build this as long as you have the space in your backyard to put it freely and safely.

· The damages of outside elements that affect a floating deck such as the strong winds cannot affect your home because it is detached from the deck.

· Not a lot of professional or special skills required to build one like this, so DIY is 100% manageable.

Floating Decks Cons- Thornton Deck Builders


· More maintenance is needed for this kind of deck. You’ll need to weed it regularly because it is usually attached to the ground.

· A floating deck does not make much for a high return on investment. It can be a turnoff for potential buyers if you sell your home in the future.

· Decks like this need to be attached to one or more trees making them more prone to tree-related damages and other natural disasters.

Let’s Make Your Deck the Best!

Outdoor Deck - Thornton Deck Builders CO

Delight on the most beautiful and fashionable decks in town at an affordable price! Aside from a garden filled with lovely flowers and plants, adding a deck is absolutely a great idea. And, the process of building one for your home doesn’t always have to be expensive. You can get the deck of your dreams with the help of the most competent and dedicated professional deck builders in the area.

Thornton Deck Builders take pride in transforming empty spaces outdoors into the most functional and comfortable area. Your family will never have to travel far to achieve that kind of vacation relaxation you crave. We can provide that respite for you in the form of an attached or floating deck.

In case your existing deck or porch needs only repairs or regular maintenance, you can also count on us. Our experts are trained to deal with any type of deck you may have at home. Whenever and wherever you are in Thornton, Co, just give us a call at 720-740-1930, and we’ll be there to help!

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