Repairing vs. Replacing Your Deck

Repairing vs. Replacing Your Deck - All Pro Thornton Deck Builders

Being outdoors and exposed to the elements, decks tend to be susceptible to many things. This particularly happens as winter draws to an end and spring approaches. The winter season can leave behind various effects on the condition of your wood deck that needs immediate attention.

In such a case, the important question of repairing or replacing your deck comes to mind. To make up your mind, here are some of the factors to think about before making a decision.

Factors to Look for When Deciding to Repair or Replace

Your deck is an investment you don’t want to lose. For more years of enjoying the outdoors on your own deck, it is essential that you check out the following factors before making a final call for either a deck repair or replacement.

Factors to Look for When Deciding to Repair or Replace - All Pro Thornton Deck Builders

Extent of the damage to certain parts of the deck

Extent of the damage to certain parts of the deck - All Pro Thornton Deck Builders

A wooden deck is made up of different parts that help ensure its safety and durability. These parts are not exempt from the harsh effects of the elements during winter. If any of these parts become damaged due to the melting snow, there’s a chance you’ll need to repair them or completely replace them, depending on the extent of the damage.

· Deck surface – This pertains to other parts of the deck on the surface. These include the handrails, railings, and deck boards where you step when standing on your deck. The deck surface is the most exposed which makes them vulnerable to moisture. Thus, they are the fastest to degrade and become damaged.

· Fascia board – This part of the deck is the thin board that wraps around your deck and can often be found underneath the deck boards. Fascia boards add beauty to a deck but can also become a water trap. If not regularly checked, particularly after heavy rain, the water trapped in them can cause rotting to your wooden deck.

· Beams and joists – these are two essential parts of your deck that serve as support. The beams are the larger pieces, while the joists are the wood pieces that are placed in between two beams. Wood that is placed horizontally on a deck often rots easily at the ends and where there are screws or nails.

· Deck posts – your deck stays off the ground with the help of deck posts that are pieces of wood placed vertically. Being vertical, water doesn’t stay trapped in deck posts nor does it receive much UV light. Yet, the parts where rotting can occur in the deck posts are in their meeting point with the beams and the footers that are attached to it.

Deck Repair and Replacement Cost

Staying within budget should not be a problem, especially if the damage to your deck can still be repaired. Yet, in thinking about the cost, consider also the safety, appearance, and longer functionality of your deck once replaced. If you think repairing it will be recurring and the problem will not be resolved completely, a deck replacement remains a better option.

Deck Repair and Replacement Cost - All Pro Thornton Deck Builders

Age and Safety

Aging is for everyone and everything in this world, including your precious deck. As they become older, wooden decks are likely to require a replacement instead of a simple deck repair. Some of the common conditions that call for a replacement are the following:

· There are parts of the deck that has already rotted due to moisture.

· There are broken boards, railings, and other parts.

· The beams and posts have become wobbly.

Get Your Deck Ready For Summer

Deck Repair and Replacement Cost - All Pro Thornton Deck Builders

Excited to sun-bathed and relax on your deck this summer? Let our experts at Thornton Deck Builders check your deck first to asses if you need a simple deck repair or a total replacement. We’ll keep you safe and protected against the accidents that can happen in your outdoor living space for years to come.

As your trusted wood deck contractor in Thornton, Co, we love to assist homeowners in creating the deck they’ve always envisioned for their homes. For over a decade, our team of expert deck builders has been the best in designing, constructing, and repairing any type of deck and porch. Our services remain unparalleled, which we pledge to keep for more years to come. When you have a wood deck in mind, let us know, and we’ll be with you for every step of the process.

Thornton Deck Builders maintains high value for the precision, durability, and style of our decks and porches. No matter what size or shape you like, we are here to lend you a hand! Give us a call at 720-740-1930, speak with our experts, and be one step closer to your dream deck today!

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