The Pros and Cons of Decks versus Porches

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The living room is not the ideal area to entertain guests or have a tete-a-tete with family members. Intimate events and parties are best done on the house’s porch or deck. Although both areas are additions that increase the room for fun and lifestyle some differences must be considered in installing one. Aside from their functions, they add to the curb appeal and value of the home.

A porch is a covered addition located at the front of your home where guests can stand or stay before entering inside. While a deck is an outdoor addition typically located either at the back or the side of your home. It is commonly used as a recreational area or sometimes a living area. Deck and porch contractors offer various benefits but they also have their drawbacks.

What are the Pros and Cons of a deck?


Raises the value of the property. According to real estate experts, on average wooden decks offer a 76% return on investment. The value is relatively higher than indoor renovations.

Versatile. Decks work well even on uneven terrain and any type of land. So, do not worry if your yard is not proportionate.

Provides a Good View. Since the deck is positioned off the ground, you get to see a better view. This has a huge factor in increasing the value of your property.

Comfortable in a warmer climate. If you live in a tropical or warmer region and get more sunlight, the wooden deck helps in absorbing the heat.

Decks are more likely pet and child friendly. If you use composite materials for decking, they come with simulated woodgrain that reduces the risk of tripping and falling.


Demands higher maintenance. Depending on the materials, decks need to be refinished, sealed, and power washed regularly. Moisture build-up can damage the wood and may result in the collapse of the deck

May require a permit. Some towns and cities require permits for building decks. This means a longer waiting period and additional fees.

Expensive. Depending on the materials used, the average cost of high-end decking material is $30 per square foot.

Weight restrictions. One of the considerations in building a deck is the weight especially if you add extra features like a hot tub, fire pit, or kitchen.

Shorter Lifespan. Since wood is commonly used for decking, it is susceptible to weather conditions. It can rot and fade over time if not properly maintained.

What are the pros and cons of a porch?


Less Maintenance. Both screened and open porch may require some maintenance over time. However, there is no need to need to spend much on it.

Enhances curb appeal. The public face of your home is your porch. The beautification you make to make it more attractive add value to your home also.

Can be built from any material. The railings or roofing may need specific materials, but various building materials can be used to support weight or withstand weather conditions.

Adds more space. The porch can be an extension to your storage as long as things are organized. For instance, you can put your shoe rack cabinet in this area.

Provides extra security. It blocks possible intruders from entering your home.


Can be affected by various elements. If you have an open porch and plan to add pieces of furniture, be ready for rainstorms, windy days, and too much sunlight.

No protection from allergens. Unlike screened porches, open porches do not protect you from allergens that trigger your sinus and other allergies.

May give an unpleasant view. Not all views are pleasant. A porch can give you both pleasant and unpleasant unfiltered views.

Cost. The cost of porch depends on the materials used, the average cost of high-end porch material is $30-$50 per square foot.

Building-up of snow during cold months. You may shovel large amounts of snow during wintertime.

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