How to Have a Great Deck and Still Have Privacy

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Don’t you love the idea of waking up in the morning with an outdoor space where you can sit, relax, sip your coffee, and delight in the view of nature around you! It’s not just because you own the place but because you know you have your privacy while doing so.

Deckbuilding is not an easy task. And, just because it’s an outdoor area doesn’t mean it has to be open to everyone’s viewing. There is definitely a way to maintain your privacy whenever you want to spend time with your family or loved one. Below are some simple tips on how to turn your deck into a relaxing, private retreat.

Top Ideas for a Nice Deck with Privacy

1. Create the perfect green landscape around your deck.

Having trees and other plants around your deck is not only attractive and healthy for your family, but it’s also a nice way to hinder the view of others to your deck. They provide the perfect shade to your outdoor space as well. Choose the right type of plants for your space. Popular plants include small maples and crab apples.

2. Put up a wall around your deck.

A fence or a wall is the top choice of all of these ideas as it is the most common, most effective, and the easiest way to go. Just be sure to select a nice design or style to make your deck still inviting for guests and family.

3. Hang outdoor curtains.

Instantly create an intimate feeling to your outdoor living room by hanging a lovely outdoor curtain to your deck’s pergola. This will help block the sun and keep you cool while staying on your deck and enjoying a nice time with your loved ones.

4. Add hedges around.

Hedges are plants that come in handy in this kind of situation. Juniper and Japanese Euonymus grow fast, especially with proper pruning, which also helps tame high winds and control noise.

5. Mix and match both natural and store-bought sight-blockers.

Trees can be great blockers to the view in your deck. Combine them with some additional displays like a big fireplace to be installed in one corner. This way, you are capable of decorating your deck more stylishly while also staying private.

6. Add a roof.

The right type and style of pergola can really go a long way for you and your deck. It can add appeal, some shade, and a cozier feel to your outdoor retreat. Make it even more stylish by adding some hanging baskets or other lighter fixtures.

7. Surround thee place.

If you want a totally private look from top to bottom with just a slight view outdoors, combining your pergola with a trellis would be the best. A trellis is not as enclosed as a wall, but it can provide your deck with just the right privacy you need. Planting some vines can also be possible with this addition to your deck.

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