Five Important Questions to Ask a Contractor When Building a Deck

Thorton Deck Builder - Five Important Questions To Ask Yourself Before Building A Deck

Nothing says summer in Thornton like enjoying it out on your deck. A deck is a great space that your family and friends can enjoy. 

Whether you are planning to build a small deck, or an outdoor space big enough to cater a huge family gathering, asking yourself these questions below will give you even more fun from your new space. 

As you answer these five questions, you will have a better and more specific ideas on how you can carefully design and build your “home oasis.”

Why do I want a deck in the first place?

The reasons behind building a deck depend on your own preferences and lifestyle. You may want to consider different materials, colors, and designs. Be sure that you know why you want a deck and how you want to use it for. To be more specific with your purpose, consider answering the following questions: 

Do you want a deck that will serve as a kitchen extension? 

If yes, do you want to add an outdoor oven or a grill? 

Do you want to have a more decorative deck? 

If yes, what flowers or herbs you’d like to add to the deck? 

Moreover, you may want a deck for more outdoor recreation. Or simply to boost the value of your home. Your purpose, whatever it may be, will produce different types of decks that will surely add more style to your property. 

How much am I willing to invest? 

Your budget is probably one of the determining factors you should first discuss with yourself. It is an element that will influence and even limit your deck-building decisions. 

Good quality lumber and excellent craftsmanship will cost you more money, but these investments will increase the value of your property and will make the deck more durable. 

Then again, you may want to have a good design for the least possible amount of money to spend – no one but you can answer this budget question. 

Where will the deck be located?

  • Do you want a deck where you could enjoy the sun? Or, do you want a shade that you can enjoy regardless of the heat? 
  • Do you want a deck close to your house? A deck that serves as an extension will have easy access to electricity, lighting, wires, and security. 
  • Do you want a doorway that directs you from your home to the deck? A doorway will make it more accessible to prep in the kitchen and serve it on the deck.  
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How Much Maintenance Can You Perform?

Without a doubt, wood decks are classy. They improve the resale value of your home. Wood decks do not only make a functional outdoor space; they can make your space more like a work of art. 

However, wood decks require more attention and maintenance. They need regular sealing to keep their strength and their natural color. Wood decks will require a repaint periodically to maintain their excellent look.

If you don’t have that much energy and time to maintain a wood deck, PVC decking can be an alternative and still give your home that classy look. PVC decking looks a lot like wood but doesn’t require as much effort to maintain its shape. 

What weather conditions will the deck need to withstand?

You will also need to consider the types of weather conditions that your ideal deck must withstand. There are various ways that you can make a deck weatherproof. But, you have to prioritize on critical vulnerabilities your ideal deck will be exposed to. 

For example, your deck will need more layers of support if you live in an area where it gets a lot of snow in the winter season. Or, if you live in an area where you experience large temperature fluctuations, your deck will need excellent wood and materials. 

Build Your Ideal Deck With Thornton Deck Builders 

Having a deck at your home is too valuable of a project to not carefully think through. You must consider factors such as design, the budget, weather conditions, and how you want to use the deck. Prior to starting your deck project, ask yourself those five questions above and accompany them with research. 

You might also want to discuss your idea with a deck-building professional. Here at Thornton Deck Builders, we help you build and design a deck that fits your lifestyle and extends the fun and beauty of your home.

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